LNG Technologies and Innovation for Maritime Transport for the Promotion of Sustainability, Multimodality and the Efficiency of the Network

GAINN4SHIP INNOVATION aims to retrofit a large high-speed craft (HSC) ropax vessel so that it will be fuelled by a mix of LNG and diesel. The technological solutions that will be applied to the HSC ropax vessel will prove that using LNG as marine fuel for the HSC fleet is possible. The pilot will be the first case in the world of a retrofitted HSC ropax vessel that maintains all the features needed in the liner service where the ship is deployed whilst increasing service quality.




Specific objectives




GAINN4SHIP INNOVATION is composed of four activities:

The goals of Activity 1 are:

  • Elaborating final engineering projects of the LNG dual-fuel retrofitted pilot vessel
  • Defining environmental indicators for LNG dual-fuel retrofitted pilot vessel
  • Defining bunkering technical solutions
  • Analysing measures to control methane emission release to the atmosphere for the LNG dual-fuel retrofitted pilot vessel


The specific objectives of Activity 2 are:

  • Adapting one engine to dual-fuel use
  • Retrofitting the high speed craft vessel
  • Training of crew and terminal operators
  • Developing safety procedures

Activity 3 comprises of real life trials of the pilot vessel built in Activity 2. These tests aim at validating:

  • Technical solutions and design
  • Rules and regulations by Classifications Society and Maritime Authorities
  • Training programmes developed in Activity 2, for crew and port workers involved in the pilot vessel
  • Financial feasibility and cost-benefit analyses of the pilot vessel


Activity 4 covers the administrative and technical coordination as well as communication and dissemination activities of the project that will be required throughout its duration (2015-2018).



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