Sustainable LNG Operations for Ports and Shipping - Innovative Pilot Actions


GAINN4MOS aims to improve the Motorways of the Sea network in 6 Member States (Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia) by carrying out engineering studies on ship retrofitting and/or newbuildings, port LNG infrastructures, bunkering stations and a large set of pilot projects.

GAINN4MOS includes 14 detailed engineering studies on LNG infrastructures and bunkering stations and ship retrofitting and / or newbuilding of vessels and 11 prototypes (4 LNG retrofitted prototype vessels and 7 LNG bunkering stations at core ports).


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The GAINN4MOS project is presented in the “LNG Port Equipment Seminar”

Eva Pérez, Director of Innovation Promotion & Sustainability at Fundación Valenciaport, has presented today the GAINN4MOS and the LNGHIVE2
Curso GNL

The GAINN4MOS project organise a training course on LNG

March 5, 2019 – Today the two-day course “LNG as a marine fuel: LNG Bunkering and Risk Assessment” has started, organised by the

Delivery ceremony of “Elio”, the first LNG eco-friendly ferry ready to sail the Mediterranean

November 19, 2018 – On November 17 the delivery ceremony of “Elio” – the first LNG eco-friendly ferry to sail the Mediterranean –