Technical meeting of the LNG bunkering barge of Boluda

January 18, 2016 – On January 13th, a technical meeting, concerning the pilot of the LNG Bunkering Barge of Boluda, which is part of the GAINN4MOS project co-financed by the CEF Programme of the European Commission, took place in Valencia. The session was held by the participation of all the companies involved in this pilot: Fundación Valenciaport, Boluda, Seaplace, Directorate-General Merchant Shipping of Spain, Bureau Veritas and CIMNE.

During the meeting, the naval engineering company Seaplace, summarised different options that they had studied in order to perform the barge’s retrofitting. The conceptual design is supported by Boluda Corporación Marítima, the Classification Society of the vessel, Bureau Veritas, and the Spanish Directorate for the Marine Merchant, and is overseen by Fundación Valenciaport.

Several LNG storage tanks options and configurations have been explored, and the final arrangement based on three tanks placed on the upper deck has been selected trying to maintain the fossil fuel capacity of the barge as much as possible. The engine room configuration will also be adapted in order to burn LNG.

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