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Technical Meeting between Mutualista Açoreana, Portos dos Açores, Barloworld STET and Fundación Valenciaport concerning the General Cargo Vessel Corvo to be retrofitted to LNG dual fuel

February 26, 2016 – On February 23rd, a technical meeting, concerning the pilot of the LNG general cargo vessel of Mutualista Açoreana, which is part of the GAINN4MOS project co-financed by the CEF Programme of the European Commission, took place in Ponta Delgada (Açores, Portugal). Mutualista Açoreana, Barloworld STET, Portos dos Açores and Fundación Valenciaport participated in the meeting.

During this working session, the maritime transport company Mutualista Açoreana, summarised different options that they are studying in order to perform the vessel’s retrofitting.

The pilot included in GAINN4MOS incorporates the retrofitting of the main engine of the MV Corvo and the main characteristics of the engine after its retrofitting process were explained by the MAK representative. The vessel will be able to maintain service speed after the retrofitting process, so the service between Lisbon, Leixoes and Azores where the vessel is deployed will remain unaltered.

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