Italian Meeting

Technical Meeting between the Italian Ministry of Transport (MIT), MIT’s implementing bodies and Fundación Valenciaport

On the 1st, 2nd and 3 rd of March several bilateral meetings between the Italian consortium of GAINN4MOS and Fundación Valenciaport took place in Genova and Rapallo (Italy). Each session has been dedicated to review the progress made in each Italian study or pilot included in GAINN4MOS, project co-financed by the CEF Programme of the European Commission.

The opening session, led by the MIT, gave an overview of the Italian Strategy for the Development of Alternative Fuels Infrastructures. During the working sessions, representatives of the ports of Genova, Livorno, Veneziaand Ravenna and industrial stakeholders such as GNL Med, Gas&Heat, HIGAS, CNH Industrial have explained the different studies required for the development of LNG facilities in ports. These studies aim to design the LNG facilities focused on four axes: 1) LNG receiving system, 2) LNG storage system, 3) LNG ship bunkering system  and 4) LNG non-ship vehicles refuelling system.

Additionally, two shipowners: Caronte and Costa Crociere, have presented the work they are carrying out as part of the project concerning the newbuilding of a LNG dual fuel ropax vessel and the modifications to the onboard software systems required for a LNG dual fuel cruiseship (respectively).

These meetings has been co-organized with the Gainn4Core Action, a project coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure that is part of the Gainn global project and is also co-financed by the CEF Programme of the European Commission.


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