First MoS Forum on Envi

The GAINN projects are presented in the First MoS Forum on the Environment

23 March 2016.- On 15 March the GAINN projects (GAINN4MOS and GAINN4SHIP INNOVATION) were presented by Eva Pérez, Director of Transport Economics of Fundación Valenciaport and coordinator of the projects, during the First MoS Forum on the Environment which was held in Brussels.

The Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) on the Motorways of the Sea (MoS) TEN-T priority project will be built around the three development pillars for shipping and ports identified by the MoS Coordinator, Mr. Brian Simpson. These priorities are: Environment, Logistics Integration and Safety. The DIP once approved by the European Parliament and Member States will constitute a clear and precise guidance document for development and research priorities throughout the Union’s Development, Funding and Co-operation Programs. The document will be submitted in June 2016 to the European Parliament.

In order to implement the DIP, three Fora will be organized on the key priorities:

1 – Pillar 1: Forum on Environment – 15 March 2016 in Brussels

2 – Pillar 2: Forum on Logistics Integration of Maritime Transport in the global Transport Chain – 13 April in Brussels

3 – Pillar 3: Forum on Safety, Human Element and Traffic Management – 17 May in Brussels

In these Fora, the wealth of knowledge generated by the MoS existing 80 projects (representing more than 2.5 bi€ of investments) will be interacted with the institutional and professional stakeholders know-how.

The discussions in these three fora and the DIP will not only be a crucial step for the full potential of the MoS to be exploited, but it will also enable the MoS to contribute to the economic strength of Europe in a global context. MoS has the potential to facilitate and increase trade with third countries, increase transport efficiency (reduce land transport congestion), increase the use of more sustainable modes of transport, improve safety and environmental protection, and deliver access to peripheral regions.

With input and contributions required from institutional, industry, academic and other stakeholders, the DIP will allow bringing all these assets to the forefront of contributors.

The MoS Forum on the Environment on 15 March was developed into three parts during which several shipping and environmental experts presented their achievements and future requirements.

Mr Brian Simpson, OBE, European Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea – opened the Forum with the collaboration of Captain José Anselmo – MoS Principal Administrator; there were several contributions among which from Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar – Member of the European Parliament, Lord John Prescott – Member of the House of Lords and Michael Kramer – Chairman of TRA Committee at EU Parliament.

The well-attended event was a great success. Many stakeholders participated in the discussions that followed each presentation and relevant recommendations on future actions concerning MoS and the environment were proposed.

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