MaK technicians have checked the feasibility of the retrofitting on board the CORVO general cargo vessel

May 16, 2016 – On 31 March, was held a technical meeting in “Corvo” general cargo vessel in order to analyze the feasibility of changing the engine 6M43 to LNG .
At this meeting were present:

STET Team (Engineer Pedro Matos, Engineer André Palma , Rui Costa)
MaK team (Engineering Supervisor- Georg Gillert, Project Engineer – Kevin Frass)
Finanzauto team (Diego Martínez – Naval Architect / MaK Engines Product Manager)

After technical discussion about the equipment that require a consistent and realistic integration into the vessel, the technical teams carried out a survey on site, duly accompanied by Mr. Eng Rui Gomes. Through its extensive knowledge of the vessel and concentrating all inputs given by MaK, some details were clarified and they are currently waiting for the final results of the engineering study to be presented by MaK to Mutualista Açoreana in order to assess the vessel retrofitting.


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