LNG Fuels Summit - Mercedes de Juan

The GAINN projects partners participate in the LNG Fuels Summit

28 June 2016.- During the LNG FUELS SUMMIT held in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on 13-14th June, two partners of the GAINN projects acted as moderators of the roundtables 4 (What more can be done to promote demand growth and encourage new demand?) and 5 (What are the challenges for converting vehicles to LNG?).

Roundtable 4 was moderated by Mercedes de Juan, Project Manager at Fundación Valenciaport who is the Technical Manager of the GAINN projects (GAINN4MOS and GAINN4SHIP INNOVATION).

Mercedes de Juan explained that in the previous roundtables, the main factors that could slow down the growth of the LNG market had been analysed and the role of the market leaders, European Union and national governments had also been explored. The main subject of the mentioned roundtable was how to foster the demand whilst looking for new consumers.

According to Mercedes, the word that summarise the current status of the LNG as alternative fuel is “uncertainty”. In this context, what can be done for promoting growth in demand? And for fostering new demand? From the owner’s perspective, National administrations and governments have to support shipowners to cover the initial risks and learning curve.

The conclusion of the roundtable was that the maritime industry is a new market for gas suppliers and they are transferring the uncertainties and risks to shipowners, which are not able to manage all the variables.

Furthermore, the roundtable 5 was moderated by Pedro López Vizcayno, Project Manager at Seaplace, which is the engineering company that is doing the retrofitting of Spabunker Cuarenta bunkering barge in the GAINN4MOS project.

In addition, during both roundtables the GAINN partners explained to the participants not only the details of some of the pilots that will be carried out during the GAINN projects but also the actions developed by the Port Authority of Valencia in order to promote the LNG as marine fuel.

Imagen caption: Mercedes de Juan moderating rountable 4.


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