INEA’s field visit to the GAINN4MOS works carried out on the truck loading station in the LNG terminal of Montoir and the LNG refuelling station in Padova

On January 29, a technical meeting concerning the break-bulking stations projects in Montoir and Fos-Marseille, which are part of the GAINN4MOS project co-financed by the CEF Programme of the European Commission, took place in Nantes (France). Representatives of the LNG company Elengy, Fundación Valenciaport and Ingrida Grigiene, Project Manager of the European Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), participated in the meeting.

After the meeting, the representatives of Fundación Valenciaport and Ingrida Grigiene visited the works carried out in Montoir truck loading station accompanied by Elengy representatives. They also had the opportunity to attend a truck LNG refuelling process. This procedure has an approximate duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes. This semi-automatic station can supply LNG to 18 trucks per day.

On the 30th, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Transport (MIT) and Sea Europe, the representatives of Fundación Valenciaport and INEA visited the premises of the STX France Shipyard, wolrdwide leader in LNG technologies and innovative cruise ship building.

Finally, on the 31st, Fundación Valenciaport and INEA visited the works carried out in the LNG truck refuelling station located in the Venice port hinterland (Padova). This station started its operations on April 2017 and represents the first of a series of pilots falling within the broad GAINN_IT Initiative, promoted by MIT and coordinated by Consorzio 906 on its behalf, with the aim of prototyping, testing, and deploying, in the period 2017-2030, the Italian Network of Infrastructure of Alternative Fuels for surface transport as requested by AFID. This station, run by LIQUIMET, is currently supplying about 5,7 tons of LNG per day to trucks engaged in the transport of goods for the most dynamic industrial players.

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