Curso GNL

The GAINN4MOS project organise a training course on LNG

March 5, 2019 – Today the two-day course “LNG as a marine fuel: LNG Bunkering and Risk Assessment” has started, organised by the Fundación Valenciaport in the framework of the GAINN4MOS project.

The objective of this course, which has been held in the Fundación Valenciaport headquarters, is to provide personnel related to the management or use of LNG with knowledge about this marine fuel. In the course, the properties of LNG have been studied and put into practice through a very interesting practical session held by Javier Ruesga from Enagas.

In addition, the participants have learnt the rules and regulations governing its use as a marine fuel and the different alternatives for carrying out bunkering operations, as well as the different methodologies for conducting the risk analysis of this operation.

It is foreseen that this course will be replicated in Rijeka (Croatia) and in other potential locations in the Mediterranean.

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