The GAINN4MOS project organises the “Information Day on the future small scale LNG bunkering station in Rijeka”

May 17, 2019 – This morning the “Information Day on the future small scale LNG bunkering station in Rijeka” has been celebrated at the Port Authority of Rijeka headquarters (Croatia), organised by the Fundación Valenciaport and LNG Croatia in the framework of the GAINN4MOS project.

This information day has been focused on the plans and projects that will be developed in Croatia to comply with the Alternative Fuels Directive.

The event has begun with a visit to the place where the LNG supply station will be built at the Port of Rijeka.

During the meeting, Carolina Navarro and Josep Sanz from Fundación Valenciaport, have presented the speech: GAINN projects & more: LNG for maritime applications in the Mediterranean area and Andreja Ana Lopac and Ivo Kapučija from LNG Croatia, have made a presentation of the Engineering plan of the LNG bunkering station of Rijeka. Moreover, the Expansion project of the Port of Rijeka Authority has been presented by Rajko Jurman from the Port of Rijeka Authority.

Regarding the Engineering plan of the LNG bunkering station of Rijeka, Ivo Kapučija and Andreja Ana Lopac have explained that the Bunkering Station in Croatia will be developed according to the Croatian Law on Establishing Infrastructure for Alternative Fuels, Croatian National policy framework for alternative fuels and Lex LNG Specialis. The representatives of LNG Croatia also have explained that, according to data on water depth, soil conditions, road access, proximity to the railway and area size, Land Surveying Study showed that bunkering station shall be situated in the Port of Rijeka and that the project had obtained positive decision on impact on the ecological network. Moreover they have added that the maritime study is finished and the characteristics of the area do not require special measures to improve maritime safety and that the environmental impact study has been submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

The event has been attended by representatives of the port community (maritime captaincy, tugboats, pilots, port authority, etc.) as well as representatives of the municipality and firefighters.

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