Marseille 18-19 September 2019

Public Demonstration of LNG station in Fos-Marseille and Final GAINN4MOS Information Day

This will be the final event organised as part of the “GAINN projects”. The two-day event will take place in Fos-Marseille, giving all attendants the chance to visit the adaptation works of Elengy’s LNG Plant to offer bunkering services to LNG barges and ships and supply LNG to trucks and ISO containers.

On the second day, the most prominent results of GAINN4MOS and other related Actions will be presented.

Instructions to visit Elengy’s facilities:

– The visitors’ ID card is requested : it’s a compulsory document to enter into Fos Cavaou gas terminal.
*Security officers keep ID cards for the whole duration of the visit and they provide, in exchange, one entry pass for the whole group.
– All visitors must wear a Personal Protective Equipment : jacket, safety shoes, helmet with adjustable chinstrap.
– Phones are prohibited within the terminal, the participants will leave them in a locked room during the visit.


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