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The GAINN4MOS project celebrates its final event in Marseille

September 20, 2019.- This week the GAINN4MOS final event has been held in Marseille, organised by the Fundación Valenciaport in collaboration with the Port Authority of Marseille and the LNG terminal operator, Elengy.

The two-day event (18-19 September) has took place in Fos-Marseille, giving all attendants the chance to visit the adaptation works of Elengy’s Fos Cavaou terminal carried out in the framework of the GAINN4MOS project. In particular, Elengy operates three multimodal break bulk facilities located on the Atlantic (Montoir-de-Bretagne) and Mediterranean coasts (Fos Tonkin and Fos Cavaou). The main objective is to supply LNG as an alternative fuel for ships, trucks and industrial applications.

Studies and construction spanned from 2015 to 2019, in fact the construction of the last loading bay in the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal has just been completed, and in the coming weeks, the new Fos Cavaou LNG truck loading station will be able to load up to 40 trucks a day. It will boost the existing capacity on the Fos Tonkin LNG terminal that has also been upgraded. Moreover, to offer bunkering services to LNG barges and ships in the Port of Marseille-Fos, Elengy has also fitted out the jetty in Fos Cavaou. The idea was to accommodate and load smaller vessels designed to bunker vessels in the Port of Marseille or deliver LNG in the whole catchment area of Marseille.

In the framework of the GAINN project, Elengy has developed similar installations in its LNG terminal of Montoir de Bretagne, located in the Port of Nantes-Saint-Nazaire. The break bulk facilities consist presently of LNG truck / iso-containers loading installations and jetty equipment for accommodating and loading LNG bunker vessels. This is a first step towards multi modal hubs supplying LNG by trucks and bunker vessels but also by rail and inland ships using containerships.

On the second day, the most prominent results of GAINN4MOS and other related actions have been presented in a conference held at L’Institut, the Training Center of the Port of Marseille. This conference, which has been opened by Christine Rosso, Director of Development at the Port of Marseille Fos, has featured speakers from the Fundación Valenciaport, Elengy, Port of Marseille, French Ministry, Port of Venice, Caronte & Tourist, AVL, LNG Hrvatska, Baleària and Enagás.

In the first place, Carolina Navarro, from Fundación Valenciaport has presented the different LNG projects led by the Fundación Valenciaport, focusing on the results of the GAINN4MOS project. Next, Giuseppe Spotti, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Elengy, has explained the adaptation of the Elengy facilities for LNG supply and Florence Perouas, from the Port of Marseille, has presented the Risk assessment for LNG operations developed by the above port. Then, Guillaume De Gavre, from the French Ministry, has introduced the LNG demand study in France to the audience and James Orlandi from North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, Ports of Venice and Chioggia, has presented – on behalf of MIT – the Italian ports adaptation for the use of LNG: the case of the Port of Venice. Following this, (Maurizio Vecchio from Caronte & Tourist, has talked about ELIO, the first LNG eco‐friendly ferry ready to sail the Mediterranean, and Hinrich Mohr from AVL, has given a speech about the World’s First Dual‐Fuel Conversion on High‐Performance Propulsion Engine, developed in the framework of the GAINN4SHIP Innovation project. Thereon, Andreja Ana Lopac from LNG Hrvatska has given the presentation “Distributive LNG Bunker Station Rijeka: Study and risk Assessment” and the Fleet Projects Manager of Baleària, Pablo García, has talked about the New generation of LNG ferries in the Mediterranean. Finally, José Enrique Murcia from Enagás has exposed the LNG developments in Spain as part of the CORE LNGas Hive and LNGHIVE2 projects.

GAINN4MOS is a project co-financed by the CEF Programme of the European Commission.

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