Activity 1: Italian Network of Alternatives Fuels Infrastructure


Within Activity 1, the Specialized Technical Support provides specifications, check consistency and ensures that each component of the Grids is developed according to the same standards and regulations.

The objectives of the activity are:

  • Define the two pilot LNG grids, the Tyrrhenian-Ligurian and the Adriatic-Ionian, and the specification of their components;
  • Define the criteria, requirements and governance model to be fulfilled for future integration of the pilot LNG grids into the GAINN-IT network of infrastructure for alternative fuels
  • Ensure consistency between the different planned investments and technical solutions on the following components:
    1. C1: LNG receiving system and related ancillaries,
    2. C2: LNG storage and local distribution system; and related ancillaries,
    3. C3: LNG ship refueling system and related ancillaries,
    4. C4: LNG vehicles (non-ships) bunkering system and related ancillaries.

Activity 1 timeframe: 01/06/2015 – 31/05/2019