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Engineering studies of the LNG infrastructures at the Port of Koper


Luka Koper and Istrabenz plini have analysed the technical and viable solutions for the supply of LNG in the Port of Koper for both road and maritime transport (bunkering). Three studies have analysed the feasibility of LNG supply for three specific segments for: maritime transport for vessels, port internal transport (within the port area) and road cargo transport.

LNG maritime supply services have been studied and solutions for the Port of Koper have been analysed. The supply could be done only by interchanging mobile ISO tanks with LNG. A feasible prototype has been designed showing specific solutions, analysing the possibilities for implementation and studying the mode of LNG provision.

Potential solutions for the LNG provision to internal port equipment and transport means have also been analysed. The study has defined specific solutions, has analysed their implementation potential and has established the mode of LNG provision and the possibility of its implementation.

Finally, in the case of road transport, the Port of Koper and Istrabenz plini have presented a technical and viable solution for this segment. The study has been further elaborated as a prototype of a truck fuelling station for LNG, within the car fuelling station area of the port. It has also been considered the possibility that the Port of Koper through Istrabenz plini provides the LNG fuelling service to the port users.

The truck fuelling station for LNG has been designed taking into account: 1) Fuel usage timeline in the Adriatic Sea; 2) Potential demand of LNG needed; 3) Technical solutions for LNG storage; and 4) Timeline for further activities and implementation according to EU regulations.

Once the basic engineering study has been completed, Luka Koper and Istrabenz plini have decided not to continue with the pilot of LNG bunkering station in Koper given the lack of LNG demand.

Aiming to share the main results of the work done and hoping that other companies can learn from the GAINN4MOS experience, an executive summary of the engineering project will be available in this section of the website soon.