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Engineering studies of the LNG receiving system at the Port of Ancona


The aim of the study has been to provide the necessary information to decide if, within the Italian LNG network and policy framework , the Port of Ancona will have a “passive” role, with no fixed LNG refuelling facilities, or whether the port will have an “active” role building local infrastructure.

The basic study included the design of the LNG receiving system, necessary in the “active” option, which concerned the technical and economic analysis of a LNG small scale system, comprising local potential LNG demand, the related required storage capacity and possible localization within the port area.

With the purpose of sharing the main studies results and feedbacks and to foster the LNG uptake in the Mediterranean trough the dissemination of the lessons learned from the GAINN4MOS experience, an executive summary report and dissemination material will be available in this section of the website soon.