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Engineering studies of the LNG receiving system for the South Italy grid


The studies actives consisted in the basic study of the LNG receiving system for the South Italy grid, including the port of Augusta.

The basic study provided analysis on the viability of an LNG small scale receiving and distribution system for both road and maritime transport in Sicily, based on a scenario which considers the LNG demand for both the start-up phase (2017-2022) and the future full-scale (2030) market perspective.

The study has addressed the following:

– Basic analysis of the potential LNG demand in Sicily including the demand foreseen by the small LNG Ro-pax ship piloted by Caronte & Tourist in GAINN4MOS that needs about 100 m3 of LNG per week (5,000 m3/year) and for other sectors, the most important of which is industrial use accounting for one third of the total estimated demand.

– Basic study of large LNG hub with a capacity of about 60-100 Ktonne/year to act as LNG distribution center for the whole Sicily island and central Mediterranean sea.

With the purpose of sharing the main studies results and feedbacks and to foster the LNG uptake in the Mediterranean trough the dissemination of the lessons learned from the GAINN4MOS experience, an executive summary report and dissemination material will be available in this section of the website soon.