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Engineering studies, prototypes and pilots of LNG infraestructure at the Port of Venezia


For the Port of Venezia the activities cover the basic and detailed engineering study of the LNG ship bunkering system and the prototypes of LNG ship and non-ship refuelling systems.

The detailed analysis focused on the LNG ship refuelling system represented by the LNG bunkering ship/barge for larger volumes (cruises and ferry ships) and by tank trucks and ISO container tanks to be transported by rail or sea for smaller volumes (small boat and ships and port and road vehicles). Concerning the LNG bunker barge/ship, it is noted the high complementarity with the engineering of the LNG barge being carried out within PoseidonMed II Action.

In addition, a preliminary study of the possible additional LNG demand for local LNG bunkering coming from the local market has been carried out, highlighting the possible solution to retrofit the local public and road vehicles fleet to LNG.

The prototypes realization concern the LNG non-ship refueling system represented by the LNG truck refueling station realized in the Venice port hinterland (Padova) and the LNG ship-refueling system (represented by tank truck and ISO container in the start-up phase and by LNG bunker ship/barge in the medium-long period) that will be both piloted and tested in real life trials.

To be noted that the pilot LNG infrastructure could also serve the waterways inland network, including the Venice Lagoon (e.g. Chioggia), and other inland ports (e.g. Rovigo and Mantua).

With the purpose of sharing the main studies results and feedbacks and to foster the LNG uptake in the Mediterranean trough the dissemination of the lessons learned from the GAINN4MOS experience, an executive summary report and dissemination material will be available in this section of the website soon.