Engineering study of LNG infrastructures at the Port of Rijeka


LNG Croatia will carry out engineering studies for an LNG bunkering station in the core Port of Rijeka that will enable to fill the LNG bunker boats and LNG bunker trucks with LNG for further distribution down the LNG distribution chain. Identified end users of LNG are the LNG propelled ships and LNG fuelled heavy duty truck. LNG infrastructure for bunkering in the core Port of Rijeka will consist of a LNG storage tank, jetty, truck filling station and ancillary process equipment. LNG supply for LNG bunkering station will be provided from floating LNG terminal KRK (FSRU) by barge/feeder vessel or/and LNG feeder truck trailer.

Potential locations as final destination for the bunkering services of LNG propelled ships are marine ports across Croatia and in Northern part of Adriatic Sea (NAPA). LNG fuelled heavy duty trucks will be able to refill on the main transit routes deeper in inland Croatia. For large cargo ships sailing across the globe and anchored in Croatia and in marine ports in Northern part of Adriatic Sea, a barge/feeder vessel by Ship-to-Ship LNG transfer is an optimal option as well as by LNG truck trailers over the dispensers. After the market demand is determined and the technical boundaries of marine ports are analysed, the final bunkering solution will be determined for each marine port. Besides marine ports, LNG is also going to be delivered to refilling stations deeper in the inland via LNG bunker trucks. Each station will be equipped with the separate storage tank for LNG. The volume of the storage tank will be known after the market demand analysis has been completed.

LNG Hrvatska will elaborate the final engineering projects, plans and construction drawings of the LNG bunkering station in Rijeka Port that will be built in future projects.